Cozying Up Recap: How To Follow Your Intuition

Let’s cozy up with Megan Roup, founder of The Sculpt Society, an at-home dance and sculpting workout program! Megan had no idea that she would eventually found her own at-home workout program, but found her way by taking life one step at a time. She attended the NYU Tisch Dance program and in her early career, she was a dancer for the Brooklyn Nets. As a dancer, she experienced countless rejections going to endless auditions, which developed her resilience and grit. Ultimately, by leaning into her passions, Megan saw her career evolve organically as she transitioned between side hustles, which included being a fit model for fashion designers.



Ultimately, these side hustles allowed her to gain the financial stability to start The Sculpt Society, which she launched in November 2019. It became incredibly popular as a way for people to gain a community while working out at home during quarantine. Megan recognized the importance of cultivating a personal connection during this very disconnected time, and thus prioritized having conversations with and encouraging conversations between her community members. Listen to the full episode here and continue reading for more details!


Especially as an entrepreneur, there’s no clear distinction between personal and professional life, and Megan recounts how she was a workaholic. However, as time has gone on, she’s learned how to take a step back and realize she doesn't have to do everything. Moving from her professional to personal life, Megan is actually a Covid bride! She was engaged in December 2019 and originally planned her wedding to be in Cabo for 150 people. However, Coronavirus turned her plans upside down, adding many uncertainties that contributed to hectic planning and venue cancelations. Megan ultimately went from a big to a small wedding and in the podcast, shares advice for Covid brides and what matters most on the special day. 


Finally, Megan discusses her relationship with food and how she went through phases of yo-yo dieting and binge eating. She ultimately found intuitive eating the best way to regain a better relationship with her body, which is when she learned to trust herself and not vilify food. 


To learn more about The Sculpt Society, visit and Instagram page @thesculptsociety. Megan’s personal Instagram is @meganroup!


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