Cozying Up Recap: How to Be Your Truest Self


Let’s cozy up with Christina Najjar (aka Tinx), a Season 1 fave who is now one of the most recognizable Tiktok creators! COVID heavily impacted her career as a fashion and wellness journalist, as a lot of companies decided they did not need her for the time being. While she was initially down for a period of time, she decided to pivot to Tiktok. She knew Tiktok brought her joy as a consumer, and so she decided to try out the other side of Tiktok as a content creator. 



Tinx is part of a new wave of influencers. She discusses how in the past, influencers were traditionally heavily manufactured, presenting picture perfect facades. However, the new wave of influencers are more “real” and want to help people feel more comfortable with themselves. Tinx shares the lessons she’s learned as a public figure. She discusses how she’s learned how to be more authentically herself and stop trying to change herself to be someone she’s not. Also, she notes that not everyone is going to like you, and that is okay because you can’t please everyone. 

So why Tiktok? Tinx discusses how she likes the platform because it is so egalitarian--anyone has the chance to go viral, as the app is more content centric rather than profile centric. Furthermore, she is driven to create Tiktoks because she loves bringing happiness to others--a Tiktok can truly turn someone’s day around. Tinx has gone viral for her #richmoms Tiktoks, where she describes a stereotypical rich mom from different cities, from the Upper East Side of NYC to LA, to a scary degree of accuracy. In fact, on the Clear Cut Tiktok, Tinx does a take on her #richmoms Tiktok by categorizing what kind of rich mom would wear a certain Clear Cut engagement ring--check it out below! We had so much fun talking to Tinx and having her in the office!


@itsmetinx describes Diamond engagement rings as rich moms! 💍#richmom #diamonds #engagementring #tinx #PepsiHalftimeChallenge

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Listen to the episode to hear Christina tell us about her journey finding self-acceptance, the process of overcoming judgment and rejection, and the creative process behind her Tiktoks!

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