Cozying Up Recap: How to Consider Something Better

Let’s cozy up with Lauren Napier, founder of Lauren Napier Beauty, a company that brings an inclusive, fresh, eco-friendly, and sustainable take on the beauty products for women of all colors. Lauren’s early career was in TV and film, where she worked at SNL and Jimmy Fallon. While it was an exhilarating time, it was also grueling hours. While in the entertainment space, she noticed how in the makeup chair, women were often self-deprecating; however, the process of applying makeup was some sort of ceremony--women would get to put on a brave face and play a role. But by the end of the day, it would be so relaxing to close the door, take off the makeup, and be oneself again. Lauren was inspired by the beauty in removing makeup and wanted to encourage women to embrace their natural state to ultimately create her makeup remover wipes!



In creating Lauren Napier Beauty, Lauren wanted to fill a void in the beauty space and create products that were environmentally friendly, clean, and for women of color. Her makeup removing wipes aim to remove overall waste by individually packaging the wipes--while this seems counterintuitive, actually 30% of makeup wipes are discarded because they dry out, so individually packaging them ensures that they stay fresh!


Lauren is also driven to help other black female entrepreneurs, as she recognizes the inequities in the access to funding. Thus, she founded Consider Something Better, which aims to challenge companies to accept their responsibility of helping achieve racial and economic equality by giving equal black female founders access to capital. You can donate at!


Also in this episode, Lauren discusses key lessons she’s learned during her entrepreneurial journey and also during quarantine. Tune in to hear her talk about different practices she’s adopted, from learning how to pray, practicing gratitude, and handling rejection. 


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