Cozying Up Recap: How to Define Your Own Beauty

Let’s cozy up with Dr. Lara Devgan, who not only is a world renowned plastic surgeon but also has her own skincare line and is a mother of 6 children. Plastic surgery often has a bad reputation--people often associate it with people getting overexaggerated features and looking plastic. However, in this episode, Lara helps debunk these misconceptions, showing how plastic surgery is really about restoring what nature and circumstance have taken away. Lara loves how her job allows her to change people’s lives and make them feel comfortable and confident. In addition to aesthetic procedures, plastic surgery involves reconstructing anomalies, repairing trauma patients, reconstructing the body, and transplanting parts of the body onto other parts.




Lara herself is simultaneously an artist and scientist. She grew up with an art background and was an English major at Yale, while also doing the premed track. These two different sides, both arts and humanities, make complete sense when Lara describes plastic surgery as the marriage between art and anatomy. 


Now, Lara wants to redefine what modern beauty is--to her, it is about the freedom to be your own kind of beautiful. And it all starts with skincare. Lara notes that people often underestimate skincare, but dedicating even just one minute a day can improve the way you feel, as well as the health and wellbeing of your skin. 


Lara also shares advice on how to achieve balance between family, work, and life, as well as how she’s adapted to the pandemic. Tune in to hear her advice and life story!


To keep up with Lara’s plastic surgery endeavors, visit her website and Instagram @laradevganmd. To explore her skincare line, go to her website and Instagram @drlaradevgan.


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