Cozying Up Recap: How to Stay Calm Amidst Chaos

Let’s cozy up with Tinamarie Clark, model, author, and founder of the Shift Stirrer Method. Have you ever felt angry but for no real reason? Have you ever overreacted in a situation or overanalyzed other people’s actions? Tinamarie can definitely answer yes to all of the above. When she was younger, Tinamarie felt like she was in a constant state of reactivity as her relationships were failing, and her interactions with others were often awkward and defensive. She often took interactions and comments personally, using them to confirm or deny her self worth. Out of necessity, she founded the Shift Stirrer Method to help get herself out of her negative spirals. Ultimately, Tinamarie formalized the method into a book, which details a five step mindfulness process that helps women and people become their best selves. 



The five steps include: stir, sit, sift, share, and shift. Tinamarie explains how stirring is when you realize you have deviated to a negative thought pattern and recognize what the energy shift is. Then, you sit with these thoughts and emotions without reacting or offloading. In the sift, you unpack the narrative of the stir and understand why you may have responded in some way. The share then is when you can own your truth and all aspects of yourself. Finally, the shift is the culmination of the four previous steps, when you shift your perception and see the situation from a more nuanced perspective. 


Beyond the method, Tinamarie is passionate about jewelry, as different pieces often have deep meaning for her. She bought the Serpenti Bvlgari Watch for herself after writing the Shift Stirrer Method, and it acts as a reminder of her strength and power to achieve her own goals. Her father’s black onyx and gold class ring, which was gifted to her on her 21st birthday, also holds a special place in her life.


Tune in to learn how to apply the method to your everyday life and to learn about Tinamarie’s journey from a model to an author and founder! To practice the method, you can find The Shift Stirrer Method on Amazon. And to keep up with Tinamarie, you can follow her on Instagram @tinamarieclark!


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