Cozying Up Recap: How to Build An Authentic Community

Let’s cozy up with Chanel Tyler, a Beauty and Communities Strategies & Partnerships Lead at Youtube, a beauty influencer on Instagram, and an upcoming new mother! Chanel discusses her career change from working at Estee Lauder to Youtube, which is where she was able to craft her dream job. In addition to her job at Youtube, Chanel maintains a thriving and engaged Instagram community, where she inspires women to define their own standard of beauty. Chanel is also passionate about diversity in the workplace and shares her vision for how we can change the status quo. 



Since the last time she was on the podcast a little over a year ago, Chanel switched jobs from Estee Lauder to Youtube. Chanel discusses how this career change come to be--in fact, it came pretty originally through her undergraduate network. Multiple people sent her the Strategies & Partnerships role, thinking that she was perfect for it. However, while she was in the midst of interviewing, Covid hit, and thus she felt like it was not meant to be. After a few months passed, with the black community in upheaval after the murder of George Floyd, Chanel’s job in multicultural strategy at Estee Lauder was becoming incredibly emotionally taxing because it was so personal. At the same time Youtube circled back and very thoughtfully provided a lot of support and flexibility given the situation, and Chanel ultimately landed the job. Now, her job is to run strategy with Youtube’s partnerships with their top stars in beauty, and it has also expanded to business diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Chanel’s Instagram @buymechanel has developed a loyal and supportive community surrounded around skincare and beauty products. This growth was very organic for her, as she built the account around the core pillar of education by simplifying complex matters. For Chanel, she’s trying to inspire women to look confident in their own skin and celebrating their natural beauty. Chanel only partners with companies whose products she already loves and who already is committed to supporting diverse people.

Chanel also provides advice on breaking into any kind of new job or industry. Imposter syndrome is real, but Chanel says that you can never be too small, as everyone has to start somewhere. She advises people to make their own space and to build their own networks.

Finally, Chanel talks about diversity in the workplace. Chanel tells empowers to look at who their employees and decision makers are. In order to achieve authentic diversity, if people internally don’t have the answers, then people need to find others who do. To Chanel, having a diverse workforce is so important, as it allows the company to benefit from multiple perspectives and talents. In order to sell to a group of people, you need to have them represented not just in the company, but in front facing business functions at the top. Without this representation of voice in decision making, consumers can pick up on inauthenticity. 

Tune in to learn more about how Chanel merged her passions with work and how we as a society can develop a more authentic relationship with diversity. To keep up with Chanel’s beauty recommendations, follow @buymechanel.


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