How to Leave the Corporate World with Amy Liu

Let’s cozy up with Amy Liu, CEO and founder of clean beauty brand Tower 28. As she dealt with eczema in her entire adult life, Amy launched Tower 28 because she felt there was a gap in the market for fun products that were designed for women with sensitive skin.



Amy discusses how she wanted to be an entrepreneur since she was little. Her dad was an entrepreneur, and she watched him experience the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, her mom had a more traditional, 9-5 job. Amy quickly realized she was more drawn to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, even though she knew it was going to be difficult and less stable. In order to gain the skills and experience to eventually launch her own company, Amy first went to business school. After business school, Amy entered straight into the beauty industry, working for companies like Smashbox and being a consultant for brands in Los Angeles. 

She started fundraising for Tower 28 three years ago, and launched it about two years ago. The inspiration came from the fact that she had a history of eczema her entire adult life, and she often felt scared putting stuff on her face. She wanted to make products that she herself felt safe using and also were fun. One of the first products she launched was SOS, which is a facial spray designed to repair your skin. What’s most rewarding to Amy is how she’s making products that help women feel comfortable in their own skin. Today’s society really puts how we look at the forefront of interactions, and Tower 28 aims to help bring confidence to women. 

Amy’s one piece of advice for an aspiring female entrepreneur is to have momentum. She says that you need to have the motivation and surround yourself with people who also support you in order to have the drive to continue forward because it is not an easy journey. 

Amy’s Chinese American identity has also shaped her life and career substantially. She was born in Minnesota but grew up on the east side of LA, where she was the only Asian girl. She often felt like she didn't fit in, and so in founding Tower 28, she wanted to create a more inclusive version of beauty. On the east side, beach culture is extremely prevalent, and through Tower 28, Amy shows the version of the beach that she knows by representing every socioeconomic background and color. In fact, all of her products range from $12 - $28, staying close to Sephora and Glossier pricing in order to be accessible for more people.

Finally, Amy discusses what her engagement ring means to her. Her husband went as big as he could for her, knowing that this was so much more than another piece of jewelry or gift. An engagement ring is a reminder of how your partner feels and of your special relationship. It is something that Amy wears everyday and so she discusses how it is such an important piece of jewelry to invest in, as it holds so much sentimental value. 

To shop Tower 28, you can visit their website and Instagram! Amy’s instagram is @amyliu47.


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