How to Take Care of Your... Fur? with Lillian Tung

Let’s cozy up with Lillian Tung, Co-founder and CMO of FUR, a bodycare that aims to fight stigma against public hair. She founded this company with her childhood best friend Laura Schubert when they recognized a gap in the market for clean body-care products that are designed specifically for pubic hair. In fact, Laura and Lillian attended middle school, high school, college, and graduate school together!


Lillian’s career revolved mostly around beauty and business. Her first internship was at Bobbi Brown sophomore year of college. She then developed business skills from her experiences in investment banking, Time Inc., business school, and L’Oreal. In the beauty industry, she fell in love with the ethos of what beauty means for the individual user, rather than as a projection of society. After working at L’Oreal for three years, her best friend Laura came to her with this idea for FUR, and that’s where it all began!

Pubic hair is something that often isn’t discussed publicly. Women talk about shaving their legs, manicures, but meanwhile, pubic hair care is considered taboo. FUR is not about advocating for the right or wrong way to address pubic hair--rather, FUR tries to help women understand how they can care for it. Lillian discusses how the biggest challenge so far in founding FUR has been dealing with the stigma against pubic hair. From chemists to retailers to the press, people have been reluctant to write about or deal with products that are so publicly associated with pubic hair. However, Lillian and Laura stand firmly with their brand, knowing that a product doesn’t exist without a reason. If no one stands against the outdated taboo against pubic hair, who will?

Lillian’s advice for female entrepreneurs is that you will never be 100% prepared for anything, from the smallest of launches to even just starting something. However, you need to have the confidence that you will be able to figure it out and to take that leap of faith. 

Finally, Lillian delves into what two pieces of jewelry mean to her--she dedicates her right hand to her mom, and her left hand to her husband. On her left hand, her wedding band and engagement ring reminds her of the moment when he proposed in Italy 6 years ago. On a drive, he pulled her aside for a walk overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, when he got on one knee and proposed. On her right hand, she wears a delicate chain bracelet from her mom. She had another one years ago in high school that was her mother’s mom’s. She wore it so often that it snapped, so in college, her mom gifted her another one. Lillian hopes to pass the same kind of sentimental piece on to her daughters!

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