Cozying Up Recap: Storytelling and Style

Cozying Up With The Clear Cut is about inspiring women, the things that spark them and (of course) all things sparkly! Today, we’re revisiting our episodes with Lilliana Vazquez and Marissa Cox!
We feel so lucky that we got to sit down with Lilliana and Marissa -- to put it simply, they’re both absolute bosses and inspire us so much! We talked about how they each found their passions through a zig zagged journey, but once they found what they loved, both of their careers took off.


You will find Lilliana on NBC's TODAY, Access Hollywood, and so many other shows on TV. She covers the biggest names in entertainment along with the hottest Hollywood headlines. Plus, she’s a fashion curator on her blog and for Kohls. Lilliana grew up with immigrant parents and she always thought she would become an accountant or lawyer. Little did she know that she would later find her passion for fashion. She started a blog that went viral and that’s what started her career in entertainment after being featured on TV. She started a fashion brand in Montauk, New York and through her entire journey has realized her passion for storytelling. That is her spark, and her various platforms allow her to connect with people and tell real stories. At the end of the day, stories bring us together. Watch her full video below:

Marissa is our chic fashion icon! She is a British journalist and lifestyle blogger based in Paris who founded She has a background in PR and publishing and after moving to Paris, found her passion for fashion, interiors, art and beauty. In her episode, Marissa talks about making the decision to go full time into her passion -- she trusted her gut, and that has made all the difference! Her story teaches us to believe in ourselves because after all, YOU know what will make you most happy. She also taught us the secrets to that effortless, French, chic style! Spoiler alert: it is a mentality! Watch her full video below:

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