Cozying Up Recap: Love, Confidence and Community

Cozying Up With The Clear Cut is about inspiring women, the things that spark them and (of course) all things sparkly! Today, we’re revisiting our first two episodes of the podcast, with Caila Quinn and Chanel Tyler!

Caila Quinn is New York-based Lifestyle Blogger & Content Creator at, and you probably know her from on Season 20 of ABC’s The Bachelor! Chanel is Director of Consumer Engagement at the Estée Lauder Companies, and is the co-founder of Tribe, a professional collective and supportive space that celebrates Black women in beauty, fashion, & consumer packaged goods. Total boss ladies that we have so much to learn from!

A common thread through both of their careers is this: they are driven by their passions. For Caila, it is love that drives her. In her Cozying Up With The Clear Cut episode, she talked about the different kinds of love, and what true love actually means. We think her message is so powerful and inspires us to cultivate love in everything that we do. At the end of the day, we should try to love ourselves and those around us as much as we can… especially now! Watch her full episode below:

Chanel is also driven by her passion. For her, it’s helping women gain confidence through community. Being a part of a community is so meaningful -- it can give us purpose, power and support when we need it most. Chanel inspires us to create the communities we want to see, because we all have a role to play in bringing the world closer. Watch her full episode below:

We’re so grateful we got to sit down with such incredible women! Let us know who you want to see in a future episode in the comments below!