How to create a brand with Kendall Glazer

Let's cozy up with Kendall Glazer, the bracelet connoisseur. In 2009, 17-year-old Kendall and her 15-year-old sister Libby sat on their bedroom floor making bracelets. Driven by their natural creativity and attention to detail, their designs quickly became in high demand among their peers and the first iteration of Stoney Clover Lane was born. As early adopters of influencer marketing, the brand took off after Kendall and Libby successfully leveraged their social media presence to get their products in the hands of young A-listers like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. Staying true to their mission of self-expression, Stoney Clover has evolved over the years as an extension of the sisters lives.

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Kendall and her sister started making bracelets… little did they know it would turn into something huge! That summer they went to a Taylor Swift concert -- they gave her a stack of bracelets and a week later, she wore them in a photoshoot! OMG! This was in 2009 before Instagram was even a thing, but word spread fast.

Soon, they were bombarded with requests. Selling 5 bracelets for $100 -- they were a total hit! They used to live on a street called Stoney Clover and that's where the name came! They gained a following and the business grew. Since then, they expanded to patches, pouches and SO much more!

They are constantly adding new products and always improving. Being adaptable is KEY! Kendall’s spark is her community! People reach out to her all the time and her business is so meaningful because it comes down to people. The best companies are ones that build community slowly and steadily -- we believe that here at The Clear Cut too! It’s all about authenticity and the rest will fall together!

Watch the full video to see Kendall’s amazing bracelet stack featuring two special ones from her family. Plus, we play with an epic fabric diamond bracelet!

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