How to be chic with Lurell

Let's cozy up with Lurell, our sophisticated and chic designer! She lets us into the fashion world, explaining all things gowns (and her new line in bridal). Lurell explains the future of fashion and how her brand, Lurelly, is planning to move forward fully sustainable! has made sophisticated elegance attainable! The undeniably gorgeous gowns and ready to wear pieces Lurell has created inspire us to find our inner glam. Lurell dives deep into what inspires her to create, how she built this vast brand and the future for it!

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Growing up, Lurell could never have seen herself where she is… but she had an inkling. She used to make clothing for her dolls and designing was a hobby of her’s, but she always thought she would be a help to people through the field of psychology.

On the side she made dresses and would post her designs on Instagram. Someone sent her a message and asked for a dress and soon she had hundreds of messages! So, she designed a collection and that’s how Lurelly was born!

It was always a dream of hers to have a bridal collection… so she launched one and we’re SO obsessed! Many of her customers were already wearing her stunning gowns for their weddings, so it was the perfect collection!

She has a new collection launching soon..stay tuned!! Lurell is inspired by vintage fashion and by fabrics -- she can see a fabric and an image pops into her head!

Her daughter is her spark! She wants her daughter to know that she can do anything she puts her heart to. I LOVE this message -- my mom was an entrepreneur and growing up seeing her hustle was such an inspiration for me. Lurell’s other spark is her mom too! It’s no surprise she comes from a strong entrepreneurial woman!!

Lurell brought two necklaces! The first is one she got for her daughter -- it says “I Love You” and she will give it to her when she’s old enough! The second one is a map of Jamaica… so together her necklaces say “I Love You Jamaica,” SO special!

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