How to spread good vibes with Cameron Armstrong

Let's cozy up with Cameron Armstrong, founder of Kitty and Vibe an (actually) inclusive swimwear company! She explains the power of true inclusivity, cutting through surface-level, and the jump she took to start her own business as a one-woman show. Plus we get the low-down on what Kitty and Vibe really means. What's your vibe?

Cameron faced a problem when shopping: she and those she knew HATED swimwear shopping. Nothing fit and the overall experience was terrible. As she dug deeper into this finding, she learned it was an issue across the board for women. Kitty and Vibe was the start of a new way to shop and think about swimwear! Listen to learn how the sizing metric is different than an average brand and how each piece puts you in a vibe of its own.

Watch the full video below:

I was actually on a panel with Cameron over a year ago and it has been INCREDIBLE seeing her company grow so much since then! She grew up in Atlanta and moved to NYC after college. She started working at L’oreal in Operational Marketing. She remembers going to a boutique when she was on vacation because she needed a swimsuit… that’s where she found the problem she wanted to solve. Sizing across swimwear is not consistent and it made finding a flattering swimsuit nearly impossible. If it bothered her, it bothered other women, too. She left with nothing and the experience of buying a swimsuit was stressful and negative. Buying online wasn’t any easier! She knew there was so much room to make the swimwear industry better, from body image to sizing to ease of shopping -- she was going to change it!!

She started leading focus groups and made her discovery: a revolutionary sizing metric! And that was the start of her company and her new mission: to offer a product that feels more like a friend than an enemy, one that actually fits, and leaves you feeling amazing! All her products at Kitty and Vibe come with a curated vibe (an intention card, playlist and so much more)!!

Ultimately Cameron made the decision to develop her company while she was still at L’Oreal. She’s superwoman! She wanted to still have a security net before she went full time. Within a year, she realized she had to take the leap and pursue her company. 

One of the challenges she faced was that her company was online -- but her customers IRL were so happy with the product and she wanted to connect with them. She decided to launch her own version of a pop-up store, “Party for everyBOOTY!” It’s an event series that started in NYC and now it’s going on tour!

Her spark is connecting with people and that’s what her company does! Kitty and Vibe is about so much more than just swimsuits -- it is about community, body positivity and mindset shifting. Look forward to lots of new products and styles launching soon (designed by YOU)! 

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