How to disrupt an entire industry with Alix Peabody

Let's cozy up with Alix Peabody, founder of Bev the beverage company disrupting drinking culture one can at a time! Alix explains how the cost of freezing her eggs led to the start of Bev, the antiquated norms the company is trying to change, and the female empowerment platform Made By Chicks. After enduring Ovarian Torsion, Alix was left with a big wake up call. She decided to build something of her won. Alix wanted to build something "made by chicks" to overturn the gendered drinking culture that currently exists. We learn about the laws surrounding alcohol distribution, how she grew her community and her plans for Bev's future.

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Alix was having medical issues and was figuring out how to pay to freeze her eggs. She ended up throwing parties in Silicon Valley to raise money. She sold tickets and people were coming and her parties ended up being really successful. After she did that and dealt with her medical issues, she knew she wanted to start a company centered around the fun atmosphere she had built, that was all about women. She went to Dartmouth and felt like there was so much frat life there that she wanted to create something by and for women who want to have a good time, without the pressures attached to partying. She moved to LA and it was time to start!

She started learning all about restrictions on alcohol and found a loophole: only wine could be sold DTC and not just in stores. She put it in a can because it was cost effective at the time, but it turned out to be a booming space and the right decision. She had a connection to a wine supplier in CA and she realized that she had an accidental 401K that she cashed out to buy her first product...that was the start to Bev!

In retrospect, she wouldn't recommend the risks she took, but is so grateful that they got her to where she is today! Bev is all over the country and keeps expanding! Alix wants to create a movement: that drinking and having a good time can be inclusive for both men and women, and doesn’t need to conform to our traditional notions of “partying.” We LOVE this!! She is on a mission to change the landscape for female entrepreneurs and plans on launching a podcast, too!

Alix has an energy that she has nothing to lose. She is all or nothing and had an entrepreneurial spirit ever since she can remember. Her spark is passion for what she does!! She cares so much about changing the culture around alcohol and partying for both men and women. 

Alix brought her engagement ring -- her husband designed it himself! She got engaged in April and it was on the rooftop of their house and the ring was tied to their cat -- LOL! Watch the full video to see the INSANE cushion cut we play with!!

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