How to help our furry friends with Gabby Slome

Let's cozy up with Gabby Slome, co-founder of Ollie the BEST way to feed your furry friend(s)! Gabby guides us through her journey from working at a start-up to starting her own! We get the scoop on the special furry friend that ignited this spark in Gabby. What would you do if the cutest pup followed you around a foreign city?

Previously a professional equestrian, Gabby Slome juggled academic responsibilities at Columbia while competing. Her journey took a turn after she left riding to begin a different career. Gabby also tells us about the sentimental piece she wears every day and of her life as a mother We hear the adorable story behind the founding of Ollie. Plus we learn the hard truth about what's inside our furry friend's food. P.S. You would definitely not want to eat it.

Watch the full video below:


Gabby grew up around animals and was a professional equestrian!! She took a gap year riding before college and rode all through college at Columbia. Horses have always been a big part of her life. When it was time for her to start her career, she got a job at an e-commerce startup in Boston that focused on street wear. Her husband was relocated to NYC and she joined a different company there, but she realized it was time to start something of her own, so she went to business school at Columbia. Before then, she took her own sabbatical and travelled to India and through South America where she met her dog, Poncho! She and her husband decided to take him with them for the rest of the trip. They didn’t really feed him dog-specific food and instead, gave him a bit of whatever they were eating. Then it came time to start giving him dog food… that’s when she noticed his health declining. He started having allergies, his digestion was off, he gained weight, so she knew something was wrong. They did a ton of tests and found out that he wasn't allergic to anything and nothing seemed to be wrong. It came down to this: he was used to “human” food, so the dog specific food was toxic to him. 

She started learning about the pet food industry and found that there are a few big giants, using the lowest quality food and that’s what we feed our pets!! She found her mission: to revolutionize the pet food industry. Kibble is packed with artificial flavorings, too few nutrients and tons of preservatives. 54% of dogs are obese, plus, cancer and diabetes are on the rise, it’s no wonder that we need to focus on our pets health. She knew she wanted to make “human” food for dogs. Ollie is 100% safe for humans to eat, but Gabby jokes, “It’s not seasoned for humans to eat.”

Gabby’s spark is that she’s goal driven. She’s always focused on the next goal and the next thing that she can achieve. She is also motivated by loving what she does and when she gets messages from Ollie pet parents, that is what gives her the spark for what she does. 

Gabby’s favorite piece of jewelry is a charm bracelet from her mom that she got around the time she was 18. She loves multi generational pieces and can’t wait to give it to her daughter.  It’s stunning!!

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