How to find your niche with Sarah Godshaw

Let's cozy up with Sarah Godshaw, founder of Sidway Swim! Sarah tells us all about her journey designing swimwear. From working four jobs at once to having the liberty of designing her own ideas, Sidway Swim is the go-to spot for gals who "just want to look cute" poolside. 

Sarah tells us about the unconventional path she took designing for other companies before starting her own. A true-hustler, her spark is ignited by having the liberty to create and spend time with her family. Sarah tells us her forecast for swimwear trends (and the one's we want to forget ASAP) and what's coming for Sidway Swim! 

Watch the full video below!

Sarah always grew up with a focus on designing consumer goods. She always thought she would get into the business from the management side. She dropped out of high school and started at SMC when she was just 15!! OMG! She learned there that she wanted to go to OTIS in LA (because a student told her she wouldn't be able to do it LOL!). She ended up getting in and learned the artistic skills she would use for years later. 

She learned in college that if she was going to be successful, she needed to find a niche market -- that’s what we have learned here at The Clear Cut too! As young female entrepreneurs, it’s SO important to find your niche market because that’s where you find your community!

In 2012 or so, she was hired at NastyGal for their bikini lab! Listen to the full story to hear about how she weaseled her way in -- at the end of the day, persistence is key! As she was working at NastyGal, she was also learning how to start a business. In 2017, she went full force into launching her own brand, Sidway Swim!! Her motto: your swimsuit should be one of your favorite outfits!

Her spark is the need to be flexible and feel like she owns something -- she loves creating things and making something her own!! She brought a necklace with her, from her father’s family. They fled Nazi Germany and when they came to the US and came with nothing. As they were rebuilding their lives, they wanted to have sentimental pieces to pass down. They ended up getting gold coins, one of which is on her necklace!! Now it’s a piece she wears every day and will pass down for generations. 

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