How to relentlessly pursue with Carly Bigi

Let's cozy up with Carly Bigi, founder and CEO of Laws of Motion (and a total lady legend!). We talk all about her upbringing in Texas, how her career in consulting ignited her spark to democratize clothing for women! Listen in for exclusive line drop hints and complete motivation to go after what you want with "relentless pursuit," as Carly would say. 

This week we sit down with Carly Bigi to learn about her journey from consulting to starting Laws of Motion, a data-science based method to dressing all women who want to OWN the room. Carly tells us all about her upbringing in Texas, the lessons she's learned from her mother, and how she continuously ignites her spark every day! 

Watch the full video below:


Carly was born and raised in Texas! She has deep roots in the NASA community and she started her career off in consulting, then went to business school… that’s when she had her lightbulb moment. She was shopping with a male friend and the experience opened her eyes. He spent 30 mins picking out fabrics and sipping whiskey -- she thought, “That’s not what happens with women!” That’s when she decided to use data science to build perfect fitting women's clothing. The fit of clothing is SO important! We totally feel this: there’s a correlation between how well something fits and how confident you feel! 

Originally, she thought that she would go back to consulting after B school… but her plans changed. She got a lot of experience and insight into the e-commerce world (since she spent some time working at BaubleBar)! She knew that it was her time to disrupt women's clothing! Turns out, she raised a million dollars and her company soared! Carly said, “All you can do is listen to your gut.” Making the decision to go full time into her idea was a tough decision, but ultimately it was her intuition that led her to the perfect path. Sometimes you can be your best north star!

Carly likes to say “roles are suggestions on a good day.” She learned that being an outsider in an industry can actually be an advantage. Because she did not come from the industry she was able to question and innovate old processes. 

Her spark is relentless pursuit of passion! When she is passionate about something, she is ALL IN! Carly brought a stunning necklace in (that she wears as a bracelet) that she and her mom wear! Her mom is her biggest mentor and is the ultimate hustler!

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