How freelance in brand consulting with Christina Najjar

Let's cozy up with Christina Najjar--LA-based journalist, editor, and brand consultant. We talk all about her trajectory from growing up in London, moving to the states to study at Stanford to going back to school at Parsons and becoming an editor. Listen in for Christina's latest wellness hacks, like magnesium before bed?!

Christina's twists and turns, controversial pop-culture and wellness tidbits make our chat informational and fun! We learn about her latest wellness tips, and how moving to another city has improved her quality of life. Where do you fit best, New York City or LA? Don't forget about some royal family tea (!), a native Londoner tells us her take on Harry & Meghan's departure from the palace. We even get some hints as to what projects Christina will be working on next!

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Christina studied english at Stanford. From there she worked at Gap inc and Poshmark. Then, she got a masters at Parsons and that’s when she built up her portfolio. She joined Modern Luxury as their online editor. She then decided her time in NYC was done and it was time for sunshine -- we can relate to this!!! We asked her what inspires her and she says it’s the phrase that's way too overused today, YOLO! To her, the phrase talks about risk taking. Too often, we are inhibited by taking risks, but it is so hard to find out if you don’t like something if you don’t take the risk. For Christina, taking risks is a big part of her life and what got her to where she is today.

Her zig-zagged journey is what allowed her to find meaning in her current role! More recently, she loves writing about wellness, and founder stories. Speaking of wellness, we love all things Slip: pillowcases, eye masks -- all of it!! She is fascinated with how founders and entrepreneurs make our world a better place and she loves sharing those stories! Christina has also recently gotten into brand consulting. In the next few years, she wants to continue to help brands and freelance.

Her spark is creativity!! She has fun every day when she is creating things -- being creative is what drives her to do what she does!! Watch the full video to see the jewels we played with! Who do you want to see next week? Let us know in the comments below!!

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