How to find true love with Caila Quinn

We just launched a podcast!! Cozying Up With The Clear Cut is all about inspiring women, the things that spark them and (of course!) all things sparkly! We are so excited to share our first episode with you. 

You can watch the full episode here (and see the diamonds we played with!):  

For our first episode, we talked to Caila Quinn, a New York-based Lifestyle Blogger & Content Creator at Most of you may know her as the hopeful romantic with “great hair” on Season 20 of ABC’s The Bachelor. Since then, she rebranded herself as a stylish traveler that aspires to inspire women around her through her love of reading and building community. 

Caila talked about how she drove across the country for a complete career do-over! Plus, she reflected on her experience on The Bachelor. She learned that there are three different kinds of love and what finally made her realize what true love is: a combination of all three. And of course, we talked about what drives Caila: to her it’s love and family. We’re so inspired by her spark!

Listen to the full episode to hear about Olivia’s most prized possession (hint: Kyle hates it!!) and to hear Caila announce an exciting project!

Who do you want us to feature on Cozying Up With The Clear Cut next? Let us know in the comments!!

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