How to find your passion with Chanel Tyler

Cozying Up With The Clear Cut is about inspiring women, the things that spark them and (of course!) all things sparkly! We are so excited to share this episode with you featuring Chanel Tyler!

You can watch the full episode here:  

Chanel Tyler is a total boss woman! We were so lucky to sit down and discuss her (many) side hustles, passions, how she balances her time and takes care of herself. She is a Chicago native currently based in New York City. She serves as Director of Consumer Engagement at the Estée Lauder Companies, specifically in Local & Cultural Relevancy. Chanel completed her undergraduate education at Spelman College where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. She then went on to Columbia Business School where she received her MBA, specializing in Luxury Marketing, Retail & Real Estate. Chanel is also the co-founder of Tribe, a professional collective which serves as a supportive space celebrating Black women working in beauty, fashion, & Consumer Packaged Goods. WOAH!

We actually met through my husband, Kyle! Kyle and Chanel both went to Columbia Business School and when Chanel and her now husband Sheldon were getting engaged, Kyle referred them to me for their ring! 

Chanel didn’t think she was going to go into the beauty industry. Before then she was working in investment banking. When she first started at Estée Lauder Companies, she knew she had found the perfect place for her. She absolutely loves working there, which is something she never thought she would feel. Aside from her work at Estée Lauder Companies, she started many side hustles and Tribe, which is a collective of Black women working in beauty, fashion, & Consumer Packaged Goods. Tribe fosters a safe space for women to talk about their concerns and find support in the tribe of incredible women, all helping each other to be their best selves through mentorship, events and job opportunities. 

There is SO much we can all learn from Chanel -- we are so inspired by you! Her spark is helping women gain confidence in themselves and she does this by fostering community. What sparks you?

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