How to hustle as a child of immigrants with Lilliana Vazquez

Cozying Up With The Clear Cut is about inspiring women, the things that spark them and (of course) all things sparkly! We are so excited to share this episode with you featuring Lilliana Vazquez! In this episode, we will discuss how to look fab on a budget, inclusive fashion, being first-generation, what we learned from our immigrant parents, saying YES more, and staying motivated to pursue your dreams.

You can watch the full episode here:

To put it simply, Lilliana is walking fashionista powerhouse! She is one of the most sought after personalities in the industry — acting as host, tastemaker, style expert and content creator for some of the biggest names in the fashion and beauty world. You can catch her on NBC's TODAY, sharing her experiences and expertise with millions of viewers each week and on Access Hollywood, where Lilliana covers the biggest names in entertainment along with the hottest Hollywood headlines. She also is a fashion curator on her blog and for Kohls!

Lilliana’s dad is Puerto Rican and her mom is Mexican - having immigrant parents, she felt a push to become an accountant or lawyer. She knew that studying what she was truly passionate about would crush them, so she decided to major in International Business and Entrepreneurship. She found the time to study what she wanted through her electives, taking classes on media and television. Her uncle had a friend who worked at a magazine and that was her introduction into fashion. She was an assistant at W magazine. That was her start to the fashion world. Me too! I first interned at Teen Vogue and realized it wasn’t for me -- we both craved inclusive and supportive work environments than we experienced early on in our careers.
From there, Lilliana started a blog on the side, helping women like her find style on any budget. She was picked up by a news reporter and was asked to be featured on the news! She said YES -- and that was the key to everything. Sometimes crazy opportunities come your way and whether or not you feel like you are deserving or worthy, cherish those moments! That is what started her career (after a quite a bit of time!).

She also started another side business. She started a fashion brand in Montauk, New York. And curated a small collection at a pop-up and it was a total success. Then, she took the collection online! Through all of Lilliana’s careers and side-hustles, storytelling has been her passion through her entire journey. That is her spark and what drives her today! Stories bring us closer to each other and they help us empathize. There is so much we can learn from Lilliana’s incredible story!

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