How to destigmatize sexual wellness with Polly Rodriguez

Cozying Up With The Clear Cut is about inspiring women, the things that spark them and (of course) all things sparkly! We are so excited to share this episode with you featuring Polly Rodriguez! Today, we’re chatting about the sexual wellness, empowering women, what millennial customers really want, self-doubt, and women taking control. 

You can watch the full episode here:  

Polly is the Co-founder and CEO of Unbound babes, a sexual wellness company paving the way in how customers enjoy and explore their sex life. She’s a bad-ass babe breaking down gendered double-standards! Polly gives us her take on how customers' desires are evolving, what the entrepreneurial process is like, overcoming self-doubt, and dual-purpose jewelry for when you want to have a little more fun.

We talked about her powerful story going through an experience that led her to realize the many problems within the sexual wellness industry. She talked about fundraising as a female focused company and how that can have unique challenges, sometimes when the investors are women which is something we felt here at The Clear Cut too. At the end of the day, Unbound is about supporting women and Polly talked about the supportive space she sees between like-minded companies - which is a beautiful thing! When we unite around a common cause and recognize that we’re stronger together, that’s when movements happen. That is where Polly finds her spark: the incredible women around her. She is powered and fueled by passionate women and that is what drives her everyday. 

Polly brought a pin that has the most insane story behind it! Watch the full video to find out all about it :) 

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