How to start your own podcast with Scout and Mady

Let's cozy up with Scout & Mady from the Okay Sis podcast! These fun sisters tell us all about how they got started with their podcast, what it's really like to work with your sister, and how to sleep like J Lo?!

The sister duo, Scout Sobel and Mady Maio join us this week on Cozying Up! On Okay Sis Podcast, Scout & Mady chat about their current fixations of the week along with a rad, female guest. Olivia's fixation: Slip Sleep Mask-- ah, satin sleeping serenity. We also discuss why morning routines are just not for everyone and how to acknowledge that sustaining healthy habits is better than constantly piling on new ones! Sit back, relax, and cozy up with us. Watch the full video below:

We talked about how we both started our respective ventures: The Clear Cut and the podcast! All in all, we both felt like we weren’t totally “ready” when we began. At the same time, would we ever really be “ready”?? We all realized that if you aren’t embarrassed, then you waited too long. You just have to put things out there and figure it out on the fly! This was the case for Scout and Mady too! Their relationship grew on the fly and they figured out who they are as people and sisters as their podcast developed. Scout talks about the profundity of their relationship -- we’re tearing up!!

Right now Mady is obsessed with sandalwood essential oil. For her, it’s a grounding way to start her day. We’re ALL obsessed with silk pillowcases. Pro tip -- wash it often and let your skincare soak in before you sleep.

We talked about their spark and WE LOVE THIS! Your spark can be finding fulfillment -- waking up everyday knowing that you will make it the best day for your physical and mental self, that is enough to power you.

We talked about the meaning of jewelry and the meaning behind the pieces that are passed down generationally. Watch the full episode to view the jewelry we play with!!

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