How to get the tea on your fav celebrities with Amanda Williams

Let's cozy up with Amanda Williams, our favorite celeb insider! We talk about how she got to be a senior reporter for E! News, the conversation she had with Beyonce (!!), and the real tea on our fav celebs. This one's juicy!

Amanda works as a Senior Reporter for E! News, covering red carpets, organizing interviews with your favorite celebrities, and getting the to the real stories. Listen in to hear about the hustle that goes into entertainment news, how she got to where she is, and of course, some insane celeb encounters.  You can watch the full episode here:

Amanda was born in Las Vegas and she went to college in California. She knew she always wanted to be in entertainment, ever since she can remember! She did the morning news in high school. Her first internship was at Entertainment Tonight. She was filing tapes and transcribing videos!!! Major TBT! Next she was at In Touch Weekly and she knew she wanted to get into digital entertainment, so she applied to E! News! She started as a reporter: gathering information about celebs, conducting interviews and going to tons of events! It was absolutely exhausting, but she loved every minute of the journey!

Amanda knew she had to gain experience to get to where she wanted to be -- she always had a north star and that, combined with her incredible work ethic, is what got her to where she is today! She loves going to awards, seeing all the celebs and emerging fashion trends. Her favorite celeb interviews were with Real Housewives and Drew Barrymore! But at the end of the day, she is inspired by getting to know the people she interviews and uncovering their full stories. 

Her spark is motivation. We love this idea!! Amanda stays in her own lane: she doesn’t like to compare herself to others, she is her own self-critic. She knows when she hustles and what she has to do to prepare for big events. When she gets the job done, that feeling is what keeps her going. There is so much we can learn from Amanda -- you can be driven by your own internal north star! Stay true to yourself and when you accomplish things, allow that to be your motivation. YOU are enough!

Amanda bought a ring that she got when she was two years old. It is a Minnie Mouse ring and it has a diamond in it. It gives her the spark to be strong and follow in her mom’s footsteps. Her mom is a hustler and her total inspiration. 

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