How to tell a story with Irina Grechko

Let's cozy up with Irina Grechko, deputy editor of NYLON. We talk about​ the future of journalism, bride etiquette, and her unique and showstopping engagement ring created by our very own! 

Irina discusses how she got to be the deputy editor at NYLON magazine, going from freelance to bride-focused writing. Irina went to Emerson College where she studied Journalism and Writing, Literature & Publishing. She is originally Russian and grew up all over in Denmark, Moscow, Spain, and Dubai before coming to the U.S. almost 13 years ago. Watch the full video to hear about how she followed her passion of storytelling and the interesting things she learned on the way!

Watch the full video below:


Irina always wanted to be a writer! Since she can remember she loved books and she has always been drawn to writing. She studied journalism at Emerson College in Boston. At the time, Buzzfeed, Refinery29 and similar websites launched -- journalism and digital media were changing! She started by interning at local magazines and ended up in fashion! We talk about the journeys that got us to where we are! In hindsight all the ups and downs were a part of finding happiness in our roles today. Listen to the full podcast to learn about her experience in bridal! After that, she transitioned to NYLON! And she writes about whatever she wants and edits, too! She loves writing about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in general all on Irina doesnt think print will ever die -- online and print serve different purposes.  

For Irina, her spark is telling stories -- that is her favorite part of the job! She loves learning about people, and understanding what makes them who they are. Irina brought an arrow necklace to remind her to keep pushing forward and her engagement ring!! We’re obsessed with her unique ring: a round brilliant with an octogonal halo! Watch the full video to hear all about her proposal story!

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