How to design the perfect swimwear with Carly Grief

Let's cozy up with Carly Grief, our bikini plug! As the CEO of Luxe Cartel, we discuss all things bathing suits, how Carly bootstrapped her growing brand and her hilarious and heartwarming proposal story as the OG Clear Cut couple.

You can watch the full episode here:  

Carly is one of my best friends and my biggest inspirations, so it is such an honor to have her on the podcast! She was the first entrepreneur I ever knew and is a total boss babe! Luxe Cartel is a swimwear, coverup and accessories site. Side note, I get ALL my bikinis there! I am obsessed!

She actually started as a costume jewelry site! She had just graduated from college and was living in NYC, looking for a change. We modeled pieces together on an iPhone 5 -- LOL! The plan switched to focus on swimwear. She wrote up a business plan and her husband’s sister is an incredible swimwear designer. At the time, she was inspired by Sophia Amoruso. Sophia is a boss business woman and inspired Carly to make the jump and work on her venture full time. She worked out of her apartment for a year and a half (in a corner of her bedroom) before moving to Miami. She grew her network within the swimwear community and the company took off from there. What sets Luxe Cartel apart from the rest is quality and curation.

Carly’s husband works with his sister, but since they’re all in the same industry, they all end up working together often. It’s so special!I asked Carly what her spark is and for her, it is growing: growing her company, improving her brand, and seeing hard work pay off. The grind is what inspires her everyday! 

Carly was actually our first Clear Cut Couple!! Listen to the full episode to hear the hilarious story of her husband’s attempt to deceive her, which led to the most perfect surprise ever. Watch the episode on Youtube to see the pieces of jewelry she brought! 

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