How to view art through a creative lens with Sabrina Hahn

Cozying Up With The Clear Cut is about inspiring women, the things that spark them and (of course) all things sparkly! We are so excited to share this episode with you featuring Sabrina Hahn! In this episode, we will discuss how she got into art, where her spark comes from, and the common links between fine art and jewelry​. 

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Sabrina Hahn is an art connoisseur, author, investor and our favorite art spirit guide! She got into art through her mom. Her mom was an art history major in college and inspired her love of art! They would go to museums together and her mom would always ask her and her brother engaging questions about the art they saw. Sabrina’s mom taught her to view art through a creative lens. Since studying art history in college, she started as an independent art dealer. Recently, she joined a gallery in Chelsea. She says that art is all about finding what speaks to you and she loves being able to help people find the pieces that are an expression of themselves. Her expertise: post-war modern and contemporary art!

We discussed commonalities between art pieces and jewelry, and how to break the intimidation people commonly feel. Sometimes we feel scared to even ask questions about fine art and jewelry because we don’t know where to start! Sabrina started posting on Instagram to make the art world feel more accessible. I started The Clear Cut as a blog and Instagram page to do the same!!!

Similar to how Sabrina’s mom made art more meaningful for her, Sabrina was inspired to write a children’s book about art, called the ABC's of Art. Her book makes art a fun and engaging experience for kids around the world! Writing a book has always been a dream of hers -- it makes the perfect fun and historical gift for kids to enjoy with their loved ones!

It’s no secret that Sabrina is a creative person! She pours creative energy and her love for art into everything that she does. Her spark is investing in like-minded creative people changing the world. 

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