Finding your Voice in Writing with Eli Rallo

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut where we get up close and personal with women that inspire us! Today we're cozying up with Eli Rallo. Eli is a multidimensional creator, writer, media personality, journalist, and podcast host living in New York City. We chat all things journalism and content creation and her book can be found at 

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Eli Rallo got her start during the pandemic that has led her to writing her first book and hosting a podcast all from TikTok. Her podcast stems from her interest in her audio journalist class at Columbia University. Eli found it fun to navigate the technical side and had a desire to self-start.  She continues to share how she is so grateful to be found in this position today, without imagining this is where life would take her. 


Eli's first job in the field was as an insurance journalist, which she felt lacked fulfillment and began blogging on the side. She signed with an agency which admired her online presence later presenting her a book offer. Eli found herself in a whirlwind of opportunity all focused on her voice in writing. "I Didn't Know I Needed This" is coming December 2023 and follows a personal essay style which she discovered to be one of her writing strengths.  She is proud of her full circle moment and discovered some therapeutic epiphanies from writing about her life. 


Sundays were her favorite days as a kid, they were the days to finally spend time with her dad from his busy work life. Eli channeled that nostalgia and shared a few "Rules for Sundays" in a TikTok clip and it went viral . From there, her signature style of "rules for . . ." videos skyrocketed from there!


Eli recognizes the shift in the journalism industry and offers how to get adjusted to the changes from traditional to contemporary journalism styles like the growth of podcasts. Social media journalism has boomed and she offers advice to aspiring content creators to stay consistent and to always keep going.  She gains a lot of inspiration from the world and aims to listen to others in leading a vibrant life. 


Eli describes her ideal engagement to be intimate and special. She loves a vintage-style ring but switches her mind all the time so a surprise element for her would be great! We play a classic engagement ring game, watch below!

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We wish Eli lots of luck in her upcoming book launch and appreciate her insight on navigating the world with our own voices!


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