How To Plan The Perfect Wedding With Sydney Sadick

Welcome to The Clear Cut by The Clear Cut where we get down to the clear cut of all things relationships, weddings, engagements, and bridal trends. Today we're chatting with Sydney Sadick, editor-in-chief and founder of SPOTLIGHT Magazine, the first print publication to target GenNow in The Hamptons. In addition, Sydney contributes to multiple television shows across the country to deliver entertainment and fashion news segments, in addition to sitting on roundtables and covering red carpet events. Sydney has made regular appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, E! Daily Pop, Inside Edition, NBC New York Live, and more, appearing in over 150 segments. We talk about her entrepreneurship journey as a female founder and her wedding planning as a newly-wed bride.


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A true New Yorker, Sydney Sadick has seen it all. The city has also been home to her career in journalism and allowed her to gain leverage on the avenues of fashion and luxury lifestyle which has led to huge successes with her very own, Spotlight Magazine. "People think print is dead, but it's not", Sydney states in regards to Spotlight Magazine's skyrocketing audience growth this past year, in addition to another success: Sydney becoming a 2024 bride! With so many achievements, we had to sit and chat to see what is IN and OUT for bridal this year from the boss bride. 


With this much insight to bridal trends, it helps to have a wedding of your own to get a feel for what works. Newly-wed Sydney and her husband said "I Do" on March 16th and feels pleasantly content with her wedding experience. Her and her husband met on Bumble and initially established a strong friendship. Years later, their relationship grew and blossomed into a marriage. Sydney mentions that she's in an industry, "where there's a lot of women and a lot of men who aren't interested in women", so she feels lucky to have found love while also balancing a successful profession. 


We needed to know, how did Sydney pick her engagement ring?

Sydney mentions she is a very specific type of girl, she likes what she likes.

Don't overcomplicate things, Sydney advocates to keep it simple, especially for her engagement ring. She didn't go lengths customizing it and actually enjoyed the shopping process. Her engagement ring was true love at first sight! "Your wedding day is one day of your life, your jewelry is forever" Sydney adds, which we totally agree with. In addition to her wedding dress, the gown for her ceremony was the first and only she had tried on. Can we all have her effortless decision-making for our wedding? Admitting she loves to be in control, she even knew when she was going to be proposed to. Her husband filled her in on some hints but did not disclose the exact details. She says, "it was the most magical day. . . to the moment I woke up to the moment we went to bed".


With this kind of personality, how did her 2024 wedding planning go?

With her career background, event planning came easy to her in regards to her wedding. She personally didn't have the need for a wedding planner but some venues require that you do hire one, and in her case, she had to for her wedding. The number one thing that matters the most in the wedding to Sydney is the band. The music is "what is going to make everybody get out of their seats". From the selection of bands that Sydney considered, once again, she only loved one and went with them! The ambiance has so much to do with music and hiring a good band or DJ makes all the difference.


Another asset to add value to the wedding in the long run is to hire a videographer. A videographer can capture the whole day and just roam in the background so you can truly enjoy your day. Apparently there are people that film TikToks on your wedding day for you which Sydney does not approve of. 


Sydney really stands confident behind everything she chose to do for her wedding and it shows. She recommends to not rush the decision making or hurry in the big day itself. You have a whole year of looking things over, it is important to love what you choose and to remember it is only a day in your life. The important thing to remember: it's a good wedding as long as everyone is having a good time! Sydney adds she had so many guests tell her that her wedding was the best that have ever attended. She's definitely doing something right!


As for bridal trends, we wanted to see what Sydney thinks of some traditional components and what she kept or changed in her own wedding. 

All white might be on the way out! Her ceremony dress was the traditional white but she chose color for her other events like wearing pink at her bridal shower and a gorgeous yellow for her rehearsal dinner. Sydney did what was true to her for those occasions and recommends others to do the same. Who cares about the rules as long as you feel good in what you wear for your special moment. Plus it is hard to find white pieces that look flattering and worthy enough to be part of your bridal outfits. 


In 2024, she is noticing the desire for more intimacy. Sydney kept her bridal party small with only two bridesmaids. This makes the time spent more meaningful and the speeches and special moments more heartfelt. She mentions how she only had 160 guest at her wedding and how that number felt just right. The amount of guests you want to attend are up to you, 160 people might seem like a lot or not enough, but more intimate ceremonies are IN for 2024.


Some NO's for Sydney include: no children, no barefoot weddings, no groom seeing the bride in her dress before the ceremony, no buying your wedding dress online. And the honeymoon? It MUST be directly after the wedding, savor the moment and keep the newly-wed high going! 


We are so proud of Sydney and her new marriage as she marks this time as a great personal and professional success story. She foresees Spotlight Magazine continuing in growth and really dedicating more to keep consistency going. Consistency is key which is why she is outrunning many other magazine competitors! We wish Sydney a happy newly-wed experience and more good things the rest of 2024!