I Lost My Engagement Ring with Kelly Grace Mae

Welcome to The Clear Cut podcast where we get down to the clear cut of all things relationships, weddings, engagements, and bridal trends. Today we're chatting with Kelly Grace Mae, a content creator who went viral for documenting her wedding journey and lifestyle content. We talk about balancing her career while enrolled in esthetician school, her engagement and proposal, replacing her engagement ring, and planning her wedding!


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Kelly Grace Mae, relatable content creator and esthetician-in-the-making knows how to ride the waves of life. She got her start on TikTok by jumping on the bandwagon a little later than most, around summer 2022. Going viral was just a “happy accident” while maintaining a very well-off corporate career in tech. March 2023 is when a totally-random video of hers went viral and jump started her involvement in content creating. Kelly feels it was because of her “speaking her truth” that attracted so many views and interaction. People want to hear a relatable voice and follow someone that is approachable and not “edited”. 


Kelly was working remotely with her tech company and was contemplating when she could jump into her long-time dream of becoming an esthetician. She hardly could find the time to start school but in her case, she had a great encounter with the perfect timing. Kelly believes that she was “invited to quit” her job when she met her new manager on a phone call. She was prompted to decide if she wanted to continue with company or if she had other options beyond this point. This was a new opportunity fully ready for Kelly to follow and immerse herself in her true passion, while going viral around the same time. It all worked out and this was the turning point for her to really invest in herself. 


How is esthetician school going?

Esthetician school is no joke, she has immense gratitude and respect for anyone that pursues that field. Kelly is committed to a full-time schooling program which is time-consuming but foreseeably rewarding!  Even her practice mannequin, Patricia, is so “high maintenance”. In the future, Kelly would love to own a spa with her sister and anticipates the first steps after esthetician school would be to to work under someone well-established for a few years before pursuing her own practice. We will definitely be her first client!



How did you meet your husband and how did he propose?

Kelly met her husband on Hinge, aka “the app meant to be deleted”. Yet, that was not her plan. She was 24 and in San Francisco and intended to meet plenty of fish in a new sea but when Kelly went on her first Hinge date, with Andy, it led directly to the path of a happy relationship and marriage, one and done! As far as her proposal, she had warm feelings about it approaching but did not take the time to sit and plan it out. Kelly simply sent a picture of what ring she wanted to her sister, best friend and boyfriend and ended up getting exactly what she wanted! However, she was caught off-guard when Andy popped the question and loved the surprise that came with it. “I thought I would know”, adds Kelly and each couple is different when it comes to both individuals knowing about the proposal. Some girls love the idea of planning their proposal day to the T, while others enjoy the joyous nerves of not knowing when it might be!



What happened to your ring?!!

Every bride-to-be has a nightmare, or maybe more than one, but an absolute disaster that came true for Kelly was the day she lost her engagement ring. She recalls one night, while having an allergic reaction, that she took her ring off and misplaced it after having a dose of potent Benadryl to soothe herself to rest. Next morning, she returns home from the gym, probably around 11 am and it wasn’t until she was just getting her day started, making coffee, she notices her ring is not on her hand and is nowhere to be found. Kelly, like anyone else who is a human, starts freaking out because she lost the “most expensive thing” Andy has ever purchased for her. Kelly invites other people to help look for it, deep cleans the apartment and was still left emptyhanded. Andy, on the other hand, remained totally cool about the situation which freaked Kelly out even more, pre-marital divorce on the mind? There was insurance for the ring and she was semi-relieved but decided to go one week to keep looking and if the diamond did not turn up, then she would contact the insurance company. 



Kelly really hopes the ring was found by someone else as she probably assumes that Andy threw it out by accident. She fantasizes a garbage man found it and finally had the means to propose to his longtime girlfriend. . . or another possibility: someone made some good money off of it. Either way, she had hope and luckily, a second chance. 



Kelly met us, The Clear Cut and got the exact diamond ring as what she had before. She discovered our great relationships and beautiful diamond choices here. We can’t thank her enough for trusting us to mend her loss! And the minute she got the ring, she got insurance. 




How did you approach planning out your wedding day?

Wedding planning can be daunting and overwhelming but we admire Kelly's approach she took to planning her wedding. She consulted with Veronica Joy Events and booked the beautiful Wave Hill in New York for her venue on September 9th, a little over a year later after her proposal. 


"This day is about us," exclaims Kelly. She made it a strong point to make clear decisions between her and her wedding planner alone, "I did a really good job at not asking people for their opinions". Love that for her! Other people can introduce a whole new idea to you and it might stray you away from your true self. Your wedding day should prioritize the joy of marriage, not the guest's satisfaction of what table linens you chose. 


The wedding day vision she had was of a fun, colorful party! Kelly wanted to bring together a non-traditional and authentic experience for herself and the guests. She simply grabbed some inspiration, and with no fuss, handed it over to Veronica Joy Events who brought the magic to life. Best highlight: disco balls everywhere!


Closing out our conversation, in admiration of her positivity, we had to ask Kelly to share some advice for the "rain on your wedding day", when things don't go as planned. She strongly believes in taking care of yourself and your mental state, especially the few weeks out before the big day. "You have to fully surrender," because things will go wrong, no matter how prepared you think you might be. 


Thank you so much Kelly Grace Mae for attending this podcast episode of The Clear Cut by The Clear Cut! And special thanks for trusting us to give you back your dream engagement ring!