How The VIP List got into the places you couldn’t

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut where we cozy up with women that inspire us. This week we’re sitting down with Meg and Audrey from the VIP List and learn all about the ins and outs of getting into the places that you can’t. Through satire and honest reviews, Meg and Audrey have built a community of followers interested in reviews of the best restaurants in NYC. 

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Our guests, Meg and Audrey, have been best friends since pre-school. The pair co-founded the VIP List, an all-inclusive lifestyle agency. The pair started posting nightclub reviews in NYC and Miami which went viral during the pandemic. After the page gained a lot of traction, Meg & Audrey started looking at their TikTok concept as a potential business. As most people assumed things would go back to normal after two weeks, they started to save the VIP List’s recommendations on their bucket list. 


We play a diamond game with Meg and Audrey where they rate different engagement rings and the vibes it gives off! Tune in to listen to what the pair thinks matters (Spoiler: size does matter in this case). You can also head to our TikTok to view the rings they rated!


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