How to spread joy with Zara Terez Tisch

How to spread joy with Zara Terez Tisch, Founder and CEO of Terez

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut where we get up close and personal with women that inspire us. This week we're sitting down with Zara Terez Tisch, founder and CEO of Terez, a NYC based lifestyle brand founded to spread joy and positivity in the world. We discuss pivots in her brand, how she learned to focus on the positive, and what inspires her design process. 

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As a CEO and full-time mom, Zara finds herself preoccupied and juggling both responsibilities throughout her day. Zara explains the myth of balance and how there is always an unintended result of prioritizing one event over another. She explains that we need to be comfortable with not meeting all deadlines.


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