How to Be a Woman on the Internet with Jordan Risa

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut where we get up close and personal with women that inspire us! Today we're cozying up with Jordan Risa. We chat about all things social media and her online community called Seen.


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I was so excited to be sitting with Jordan! She is a social media strategist, content creator, founder of Seen Library, and the editor of How to Be a Woman on The Internet.


Jordan told us all about the beginning of her career as a PR intern in the fashion industry. We also discussed the evolution of influencer marketing, social media as a marketing tool and she admitted that she misses the "old social media," 


Last but not least, she talked about her experience in the book community and how that passion later inspired her to create Seen Library.


Talking with Jordan was so insightful! I hope you enjoy our convo. What do you think the future holds for influencer marketing?