How to find the perfect unique party dress with Agee Leinberry & Caroline Gilroy, Founders of Couper

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut where we get up close and personal with women that inspire us! This week we are cozying up with Agee Leinberry & Caroline Gilroy cofounders of the newly launched bespoke fashion platform, Couper. We discussed all things fashion, sustainability, and how to find the perfect unique party dress.


Listen to the full episode here:


Agee and Caroline told us all about their professional background in tech and fashion and how that inspired them to launch Couper. They aim to create affordable museum pieces and bring designers into the fashion industry with sustainable and ethical pieces.


We also discussed how they have full trust in each other and how important it is to find someone who you trust when running a business.


They also gave some tips on how they balance their professional and personal life and, find the perfect party dress.

I loved having Agee and Caroline. What are your tips for finding the perfect party dress?