How to become a stand-up comedian with Shannon Fiedler

Welcome to Cozying Up with The Clear Cut where we get up close and personal with women that inspire us. This week we’re cozying up with the hilarious content creator and Comedian, Shannon Fiedler. We discuss stand-up comedy, what it’s like putting yourself out there, and what your engagement ring says about you!

Listen here for the full podcast:



Shannon shares how her interests and hobbies as a child led her to seeking more performative career options. For example, she gravitated from sports towards stand-up comedy. During March 2020, the pandemic shut down all in-person comedy clubs, which inspired Shannon to make Tiktok her new platform. Her tiktok impersonations are hilariously spot on! 


Next, we play a little guessing game with diamond engagement rings. We guess the archetype of the person who would pick each ring from that collection. Which ring do you think she picked for the girl from Connecticut? Head to our TikTok to watch!


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