Sticking To Your Big Wedding's Theme with Hanna Flanagan

Welcome to The Clear Cut podcast where we get down to the clear cut of all things relationships, weddings, engagements, and bridal trends. Today we're chatting with Hanna Flanagan, a shopping editor at the Cut who covers all the best fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products that are actually worth your money. We talk about making as a writer it in the Big City, her surprise proposal, and how she planned the perfect large wedding.


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Hanna made it her goal to get to NYC one way or another. She initially had this dream planted in her mind at the age of 12 when she visited New York with her grandmother. Iconic movies, 13 Going On 30 and The Devil Wears Prada, shaped Hanna's vision and knew this was where she needed to be, in New York for the writing and the fashion. One week before her college graduation, she finally got her bridge to the big city by accepting an internship for People Magazine. The rest is history!


What's your favorite thing about your job? 

Hanna loves that all of her passions are wrapped into one. Her career allows her to be surrounded by the beautiful fashion she wears and writes about, making it a dream come true and she's extremely thankful for it! She mentions there are so many fun benefits that come like receiving PR, attending cool events and wearing the coolest clothes ever, but like any job, the glamor is temporary but when it finally comes around, all that glitters is truly gold. 


How was your engagement!

Newly engaged Hanna shares that she was not involved at all with her proposal and experienced a wonderful surprise. Her fiancé, has a great memory, she only ever showed her dream ring to him once on a New Orleans trip and it was the exact ring that she later received.  We love a man that's well versed with the 4 C's of diamonds ;)

On the day of her proposal, she didn't anticipate it at all. It was the end of Fashion Week and thought they were dressing up for a party and him getting down on one knee didn't even cross her mind! Some slick tricks had to be played to disguise the photographer and the next thing you know, Hanna says yes! That weekend, her and her family flew in to celebrate, as they knew all along. Congratulations Hanna, we can't wait to see your wedding! 


How has the wedding process been for you? 

A wedding planner is highly involved in her planning process, even her fiancé. Hanna believes she's just there to offer the inspiration, but the hard set details are not her concern. She chose 3 words to define the vision she has for her wedding: black tie, old school New York & party. Hanna intends to give her 235 guests a night of full New York glamor, especially for the out-of-towner guests.