Clear Cut Couples: Abbie and Toby

Abbie and Toby’s paths first crossed when they were both attending the early morning workout class at OrangeTheory. There was a small group of people who always came to workout class every morning and they eventually met when Toby struck up a conversation waiting for class to start. From then on, they chatted before class almost every morning for over a year while they both dated other people. Eventually they both became single and Toby got up the nerve to challenge Abbie to a race (at the time, she could usually out run him! ). He sent her an Instagram post from their gym which stated there would be a 12 minute distance run the following day. The conversation progressed to a bet on who could get the best distance and Toby asked if he could get her phone number if he won. That was the first day he ever out ran her! AWWW!

On their first date, Toby picked her up to get drinks at a rooftop cocktail club in Atlanta. When they got there, they headed toward the elevator to go up to the bar and she noticed a sign that said "25 and up only.” Toby was confused by the concerned look on her face and she had to inform him that she was only 24! Luckily, they only checked to verify that she was 21 and let her go upstairs. After grabbing drinks and some tapas for dinner, Toby drove her home and they ended up sitting in his truck talking for an hour or so! They have been together for about a year and a half since! 

One of their favorite memories was celebrating their one year anniversary in Asheville, NC. It started snowing on their drive into town, which only added to the excitement they had for the trip. They spent the weekend relaxing, trying new beers, listening to live music and celebrating an amazing year together!

Toby proposed on August 1st, 2020 at Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Abbie’s family plans a week-long beach trip every summer with her entire extended family (there's 20 of them now!) With COVID making it nearly impossible to gather everyone together, especially grandparents, Abbie’s "aunt" decided to coordinate a family photoshoot to document the memories. On their way to the beach, a last minute call was made to reschedule their photoshoot (pesky tropical storms!) The new plan was to take photos that night, just about an hour after they arrived! After frantically getting ready, all 20 of them miraculously got down to the beach just as the photographer got there.

Abbie said, “When it was our turn to take a photo together, Toby nervously put his arm around me and told me that my aunt wasn't actually the one who planned the family photos, it was him! That is when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! As if that surprise wasn't enough, Toby's family, who lives seven hours away, had made the trip and quickly joined us after watching it all from down the beach. It was so special to spend the rest of the night celebrating our engagement with both of our families together!”

Abbie was so surprised! She never expected he would propose on her family's beach trip because his family means the world to him and he wouldn't propose without them there. Little did she know, they were more than willing to make the seven hour drive!



She said, “The ring is everything I have ever dreamed of! I am in love with the little details, especially the tiny hidden diamonds at the base of the setting. It is perfectly unique, yet timeless!”

They are planning to have a small, destination wedding in the Florida Keys towards the end of 2021. While no official plans are set in stone, they are excited to start this next phase of life together!