Clear Cut Couples: Adam and Sarah

Adam and Sarah met through friends! Sarah’s best friend was dating, and is now engaged, to Adam's best friend. They had known each other casually for a few years, but ended up sitting next to each other at a poker party (Adam was distracted and lost a lot of money)- the rest is history!

Their first official date was at a tiki bar in Brooklyn. They had originally planned to meet up in the evening, but around 2pm they both texted and said "should we just meet up now?" and ended up getting day drunk on frozen drinks. They decided that they definitely need to have a frozen drink machine at the wedding! Since then, they have been together for over three years and have shared so many incredible memories. Every winter, they go out west to ski, which is where Adam originally was going to propose, but that didn't happen because of COVID-19!

He ended up proposing on May 29th! They were at Sarah’s family's house on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, and Adam suggested a walk on the beach. Adam pretended to look at something in the sand with his back to her, and then turned around on his knee with the ring! It had just stormed, so there were lots of bugs and their dog, Frito, wouldn't stop barking because he wanted to play fetch, but they forgot his tennis ball- it was very real life, and absolutely perfect!

It was a HUGE surprise! Sarah had no idea and was totally shocked. Adam said, “Her first response was ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?’ followed by lots of happy tears! I accidentally almost put the ring on the wrong hand, and she had to correct me. Sarah loves the ring, and was glad to know her hints about using The Clear Cut came true.”

As of now, they have no set wedding plans yet (except for the frozen drink machine) but they know it will be in Richmond, Virginia where Sarah grew up.