Clear Cut Couples: Cassidy and Grant

Cassidy and Grant met at a 70s-themed mixer organized by her sorority and his fraternity at the University of Southern California. She hadn’t planned on going to the mixer because her sorority was going to Disneyland the next day, but one of her roommates convinced her to join. Cassidy said, “I’m so glad she did!”

Their first official date was at an adorable French restaurant in downtown LA. To kick off the night, they made a pact to try the most unique item on the menu – which was of course the escargot. This pact continues today! They’ve tried everything from sea urchin to frog legs and fried pig ears together. Dinner was delicious and the chef even came out to chat with them. After dinner, they made their way to an Irish Pub where they played darts and shared pickleback shots. Cassidy said, “This was the same pub where, a month or two later, I told Grant I’d been telling everyone at my internship that he was my boyfriend (he wasn’t). Grant liked the sound of that, and we’ve been dating ever since!” They celebrated 5 years on June 27th followed by a week-long staycation in Palm Springs with friends for the 4th of July!!

They both love to travel so their calendars quickly fill up with adventures. Some of their favorite trips together have been to Tahoe where Grant successfully taught her how to ski. They have so many fun memories together from the last 5 years: moving to San Francisco, wine tasting in Sonoma and Paso Robles, getting upgraded to VIP at a Kygo concert in Hollywood, island-hopping in Hawaii, gamedays and numerous themed events at USC, Coachella, Outsidelands and Bottlerock… there are too many to count! When they’re not traveling, you can find them searching for the best breakfast burrito in San Francisco or hanging out in one of SF’s beautiful parks. “Every day is a blast whether we’re exploring a secret beach in Hawaii or belting karaoke in our friends’ living room.”

Grant devised the perfect proposal plan. He said, “I have known for a while the best way to ask her was to say ‘so...I have been telling everyone you're my Fiancee’ to mirror how she first asked me to be her boyfriend.” They had been to the same spot on top of Glacier Point overlooking Yosemite Valley and Half Dome 4 years ago when they first moved to Northern California. He knew it was a fantastic backdrop to ask. It also helped that Cassidy had no suspicions since it wasn't unusual for them to take photos while camping/on hikes. He had to wait for a while once they got to the spot because it was such a grueling hike! They needed breathers and there were some other hikers walking around where he wanted it to all go down. Once they were finally ready for the pictures, he turned to her and started the line that he had been practicing and repeating over in his head, which she immediately thought was a joke. “Once I got on my knee to ask her to marry me she was so shocked I wasn't able to put the ring on her finger or hear her say yes. Took some more cooling down before I could complete the proposal.”

It was a HUGE surprise! The last thing that she expected on day 2 of a camping trip and at the top of a 5-mile, straight uphill hike was to get engaged. Anyone who knows her knows that she’s more of a glamper than a camper. She said, “The ring was absolutely gorgeous and prettier than I ever could’ve imagined. I’m obsessed with it! I never thought someone would know me better than I know myself, but Grant absolutely killed it with the whole proposal. It was amazing.”

They’re planning to get married in Summer 2022 and they can’t wait to explore venues all over California. Congrats you two!