Clear Cut Couples: Celine and David

Celine and David met at Celine’s older sister's 21st birthday party. It was an immediate connection and they talked all evening! They started dating a few months later, but their first date didn’t go according to plan. David was supposed to pick her up after he had his last final exam for the semester. He thought that his exam would be completed quickly, but he ended up taking the entire three hours to finish it thus, he was really late to pick her up. Because he was late, they had to push back the movie and saw the final showing of the evening. However, halfway through, the projector stopped working so they didn't get to finish the movie and were forced to leave! Finally, because it was so late, no restaurants were left open so they had to go to In-N-Out and eat in the car! LOL. David said, “It was NOT how I had planned out the first date to go.” Despite that, it was clear that they were meant for each other. Since then, they have been together for almost 6 and a half years! 

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. Celine surprised David back in December 2016 with their first trip to Napa together and had dinner at The French Laundry. He had been in the restaurant industry for sometime by that point so a dinner at this restaurant was the highlight of their dining life. Chef Keller sent out a few special courses on him that evening and surprised them with a signed cookbook personally inscribed to them. It was one of the best nights of their lives.

David said, “So I in turn surprised Celine with a trip back to TFL years later to ask her the most important question, changing our lives forever.” They also go to Maui every other year together with family and it's a trip that they cherish.

David proposed to Celine in front of the famous Blue Door at The French Laundry in Yountville, a small town in Napa Valley California. It is one of the most incredible restaurants in the world. (Chef Thomas Keller is the only American chef to be simultaneously awarded Three Michelin stars for two separate restaurants!)

Celine was so surprised! She was under the impression that his parents were meeting them in Napa to go wine tasting for the weekend, only to realize quickly that it was just the two of them to celebrate this special moment in their lives. 

The entire weekend and even now, she can't stop herself from looking at her ring and seeing how it shines and sparkles in the light. She said it was the most perfect engagement ring and it is the perfect design.

As of now they are looking to return back to Napa Valley for a wedding in Spring 2022!