Clear Cut Couples: Danielle and Mike

Danielle and Mike met the old fashion way- on a dating app (LOL!). At the time of their first date, the Yankees were in the playoffs, so Mike strategically picked a bar that had the game on, but not a sports bar, so it wouldn't be obvious that he was watching the entire 7th inning over Danielle’s shoulder. Lucky for him, Danielle is a huge sports fan, so she finally decided to stop pretending and they watched the game together. They ended up talking for hours even after the game ended, and closing down the bar. They have been together for over 2 and a half years now. 

They have shared so many incredible memories together over the years. They travel a lot together and Italy was by far the most special for them. Danielle said, “I would say it was the trip that solidified that we were going to be together forever. I don't know if it's because Positano makes you want to fall in love, or all of the wine, but we both just knew after that!”

Mike proposed on the most humid day of the year: Friday June 5th in Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, right after a huge rain storm (it literally stopped raining as he was getting down on one knee!). Danielle had a hunch that the pandemic had probably messed up his original plan, but was not sure how or when it would happen. PA was finally allowing real estate agents to start showing properties again so they went to look at 2 houses in Center City. After seeing the last house, they left their agent and Mike immediately clasped his hand in her’s. “His tone got super serious- as he reflected on our journey and all the reasons why he loved me and knew I was his rock and his soul mate. Then much to my shock, he got down on one knee as a photographer popped out, making me the happiest girl in the world! It was definitely a surprise! and the ring is insane and I cannot stop staring at it!!”

As for their wedding, they have always said that they don’t want a traditional wedding- so they are doing New Years Eve at a concert venue!