Clear Cut Couples: Michael and Ali

Michael and Ali were students at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ and they met during the last two weeks of their master’s program. Stevens is a very small school, and they had never spoken or met prior to the final two weeks on campus.

Their first date was a few weeks after they first met at Stevens. Ali was working a night shift for an engineering company at the time, and Michael was waiting for his new job to begin. So, they were both off during the daytime. He asked her if she would like to grab lunch at Raymond’s in Montclair, NJ. Not knowing she barely slept since she got out of work at 5 AM, she said yes. The rest is history! They have been together since June, 2017!

They have had an extremely exciting 3 years together. Just 6 months into their relationship, Ali lived and worked abroad in Glasgow, Scotland working as a tunnel design engineer. Michael went multiple times to visit her, and they spent time traveling to the Highlands, England, Spain. Last year (2019), they went on a big family trip to Italy which was unbelievable. Overall, they love going to sporting events, concerts, trying new restaurants, and seeing new cities.

Michael proposed on June 27, 2020 at NJ Botanical Gardens. They were on a picnic for their 3-year anniversary. In one of the gardens, he had flowers left on a sundial, and when they approached the flowers, he picked them up, told them they were for her, and got down on one knee. AWW! He said, “ It was a surprise as she thought we were going on a picnic to a spot that we have gone before to hike and picnic. I had my family and her family hiding nearby, taking pictures, and when she turned around everyone was behind her. She loved the ring and immediately started to tear up and put her hand over her mouth. She especially loved our two birthstones (mine is Diamond and hers is Aquamarine) which made it personal.”

As for their wedding, nothing is official yet, but they are looking to have a wedding sometime between September-November 2021.