Clear Cut Couples: Alain and Lisa

Alain and Lisa first met in line at a pizza shop in Vegas! A few years after they met, they decided to meet for vacation in Miami and the rest was history! They have been together for over 3 years since then and have shared so many incredible memories over the years! 

Alain lives in Switzerland and Lisa lives in the US. They have been traveling back and forth to see each other for 3 years. Some of their most special moments would be every time that they would get to see each other again after a long period of time. Also, they have always loved being able to show each other their different cultures and the cities that they have grown up in.

Alain proposed on June 2nd in the Dominican Republic. Due to COVID-19, Alain was denied access into the States. So, they had to find a location where they could both travel to and DR it was! Alain planned a beautiful private dinner by the beach.

The proposal was a total surprise! The reaction to the ring was joy, excitement and happiness!

Lisa moved to Europe and they had a small ceremony there! They hope to have a larger wedding next year to be able to celebrate their love with both of their family and friends! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


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