Clear Cut Couples: Alex and Brooks

 Alex and Brooks have been together for four years! They met through a mutual friend who was one of Alex’s best friends at law school and one of Brooks' best friends in college.  

The night of their proposal Brooks convinced Alex that they were going to Hamilton. He thought this would be a foolproof way to make sure that Alex was in a nice outfit for the photos. When Brooks told Alex to dress up for the show she was skeptical. She questioned whether people still dress up for plays. Brooks was strangely insistent that they had to dress nice. Alex thought this was hilarious but went along with it because she hadn’t been to a play in so long…who knows? Maybe Brooks is right.

On their way Brooks told Alex he wanted her to see a park before it closed for the winter. Little did Alex know that Brooks had reserved the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Chicago. Brooks proposed to Alex right then and there! It was so beautiful!!

Alex thought all the surprises were over but she was wrong. Brooks told her that the two of them were going to the Ritz to eat and celebrate together. When they arrived, all of their friends and family rushed out to surprise her!

Alex was super surprised and says she LOVED the oval diamond ring in rose gold.

The happy couple are getting married at the Bowery Hotel next September.