Clear Cut Couples: Katie and Michael

Kate and Michael met through mutual friends almost 10 years ago! They both grew up in the same city in Maryland and as luck would have it, Katie’s best friend from childhood is married to Michael’s brother (they started dating in high school)!  Katie and Michael both went to the same college, University of Maryland, but were just casual friends for years until Michael finally mustered the courage to ask Katie to be his date for an Army Ranger Ball in Savannah, Georgia. That's when their relationship evolved to more than just friends.

Unfortunately, right after the ball Michael was deployed for four months. When his deployment ended he joined a group trip to Italy that Katie was on (along with his brother and her best friend). Michael and Katie decided to make it official after that :)

Over Memorial Day weekend, which happened to be their four-year anniversary, Michael took Katie to a nice dinner at Nobu. She asks to get sushi 90% of the time they go out to dinner but a reservation at a fancy restaurant like Nobu definitely put Katie on notice that something was up. As they were walking around downtown afterwards, they sat down on a bench in a little park near Freedom Tower. Mike got down on one knee and said a lot of wonderful things to Katie. Although she totally blacked out and she doesn’t even remember half of what he said (this is sooo common!) she does remember him asking her to marry him. He proposed with a beautiful oval diamond ring.

Katie had a feeling it might happen that night. She says it still felt really exciting and surreal when it finally happened! Katie was surprised by the way Michael did it and by the things he said.

Katie loves the ring!! They had looked at some rings, so Michael knew what she liked (oval stone, yellow gold, simple and classic), but he wanted to surprise her with the final choice. He did an awesome job…GO Michael!

Michael and Katie are planning to get married in Maryland next summer on the water. They just want the wedding to be fun, with good food, great music and dancing.

Cheers to this incredible Clear Cut Couple!