Clear Cut Couples: Hailey and Harrison

Hailey and Harrison met in Cleveland, Ohio where they are both from. Her cousin introduced them when they were only 16!

The couple recently moved across the country to San Francisco from North Carolina. When they found out they were moving they decided that they should wait to get engaged until they were settled in their new city. So, Hailey was completely surprised when Harrison proposed just a month after they moved.

Harrison took Hailey to Baker Beach for a “work cookout.” He was really playing up this cookout and totally selling it to her, even asking her if she was excited to meet his new manager he always speaks so highly of. When they got to the beach the sun was setting and there was a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Harrison called his “coworker” to try to locate this “cookout”. He ended the call and said his coworker told him that if they go out onto the beach and wave, he’ll be able to find them. So, they walked out onto the beach. Harrison turned to Hailey and grabbed both of her hands and instantly got tears in his eyes. Before he could even say anything she immediately knew he was going to propose :)

Hailey says she felt so much adrenaline that her heart felt like it was beating out of her chest and then she thinks she blacked out. She still has no idea what he actually said before he got down on one knee and asked if she would marry him (he also doesn’t remember because of all the nerves haha). Of course Hailey said YES!

Next thing Hailey knew her two best friends were running down the beach to surprise her. One flew from LA and the other from Chicago. They had been hiding on the beach taking pictures during the whole proposal! Including her two best friends in the process meant the world to her. Hailey says she is so lucky she has someone like Harrison in her life.

Harrison completely surprised Hailey with the proposal and she loves her ring!