Clear Cut Couples: Danielle and Andrew

Andrew and Danielle met on New Year's Eve at a party hosted by close mutual friends (their best friends are brother and sister!) in the French Quarter. Andrew was living in New Orleans at the time, and Danielle was in town, visiting from New York to celebrate the holiday.

We asked them how long they’ve been together since then -- they said it depends who you ask! LOL 🤣. Roughly, four years is what they agree on.

This past summer, they took a trip to the beautiful Kauai (Hawaii’s oldest island). The first couple of days were rainy, but on the third day, the two journeyed down to the southern tip of the island and had a relaxing day at Poipu Beach. On the drive back up for dinner, they pulled over to catch the sunset at Anini Beach. On a secluded section of the beach, they sat on some driftwood and watched the water turn gold as the sun fell. How romantic!! Just before the sun fell behind the distant cliffs, Andrew asked Danielle to marry him.

Danielle was so surprised! Andrew pulled off the perfect plan. He says the casual beach day is what threw her off -- she didn’t know the proposal was coming then. Either way, she absolutely loved the ring! Andrew had picked up on certain clues here and there about types of rings Danielle might like, but he only found out after he proposed that the ring Olivia helped him select was exactly the type Danielle wanted (she even had pictures of identical rings saved on Instagram and pinned on Pinterest to prove it!). We’re obsessed with her delicate and glamorous ring!  

The two are getting married next summer in Norfolk, Virginia, Danielle's hometown. They’re incredibly happy and excited to celebrate this time with their loved ones over the next year! Congratulations you two -- we cannot wait to hear about it!