Clear Cut Couples: Meg and Upton

Upton and Meg initially matched on Bumble in their hometown of Ann Arbor Michigan! It was just by chance. Upton had been living in Chicago and was back home for a few months before moving to Denver. Meg was in town visiting her parents and was just playing on Bumble. She is confident that she must have said something “super engaging” to Upton because they decided to go on a date a few weeks later. S/O to Bumble!

On their date they quickly realized they had a ton of mutual friends in Ann Arbor. A few drinks in they also found out that their Moms knew each other! Talk about a small world! Upton and Meg could not believe they hadn’t crossed paths before their random Bumble date…

After spending a month together in Michigan, Upton unfortunately had to move to Denver. Even worse was Meg was on vacation with her family and didn’t get to say goodbye. She was pretty heartbroken that she could potentially lose such an incredible guy. Determined not to let him slip away Meg did her best to stay in contact with Upton.

Over the next six months they continued to date long distance. Eventually Meg decided to move to Denver! As she puts it was “the best decision of her life.” So sweet!!

Fast forward three years to a beautiful fall Saturday morning on Mount Crested Butte. Upton and Meg were horseback riding through the Aspens up Snodgrass Trail. Life couldn’t get any better for Meg, or so she thought.

As they got to the top on the mountain to take pictures Meg turned to the camera and Upton grabbed her hand and got down on one knee! Meg said yes as fast as humanly possible!  

Secretly Meg had been hoping that Upton would propose that weekend. Even though the two of them go to the mountains all the time this time had felt different. Upton had planned every detail ahead of time.

Meg had mentioned this to her Mom but she quickly threw cold water on her fantasies. She said Upton never had asked for her parents hand in marriage yet. Turns out that was a lie!

Meg loves the ring! It was exactly what she wanted. Classic and so beautiful!

Upton and Meg are planning on getting married back where it all started, Michigan, during the summer of 2020. They can’t wait to celebrate with all of their friends and family. Congrats to this incredible Clear Cut Couple!