Clear Cut Couples: Alexandra and Thomas

Thomas and Alexandra met at a personal and professional growth training. Alexandra was new to the city and a coworker recommended she attend the training. It was pure luck that they happened to choose the same one, since they had both been putting off attending for months. At first, they were great friends for about a year. Thomas says he was very clear on what they could and should be - Alexandra took a little longer to see the light. Since then, the two have been together for over two years. At the end of the day, the timing worked out perfectly because the two were able to build a great relationship rooted in true friendship, trust, and unconditional love.

Thomas proposed on October 4th, 2018. They regularly attend quite a few gala events throughout the year -- it was the perfect cover story! Thomas said they had a cocktail gala to attend (she would dress up without questioning the occasion). Thomas took her to the Cloisters, where he (with the help of his sister, Alexandra’s best friend and sorority sister) had a blanket set up with rose petals, champagne, a string quartet playing, a photographer and videographer to capture the moment and their closest family and friends hiding in the bushes. Once he asked her to marry him and she said YES! Then, their friends and family came out and celebrated with them. It was a truly magical moment!