Clear Cut Couples: Sofia and Casey


Sofia and Casey are from opposite sides of the globe, with Sofia growing up in Kuala Lumpur and Casey in Philadelphia, but both eventually relocated to London where they met in July, 2016. After exchanging numbers and texting back and forth for a few weeks, Casey decided to put his greatest asset to use and promised Sofia that if she agreed to go out for drinks, he’d eventually introduce her to his Golden Retriever. Naturally, she took the bait. They had their first date at The Hollywood Arms pub in West London and immediately hit it off. Sofia had planned on going for one drink, but they ended up staying the whole night talking and laughing. Wisely, Casey told Sofia that she’d need to go on a second date before he’d introduce her to his dog, and the rest was history. Since then the two have been together for almost two and a half years!

Sofia's 30th birthday was in November, and for her gift, Casey told her that he was taking her away for a trip in December but that the location would be a surprise. Casey arranged to rent a cabin for the weekend at Soho Farmhouse in the countryside outside of London, which is where they had one of their first overnight trips together two years before. He told Sofia that it would just be a chill, relaxing weekend, but he had been working on his plan for months.


Casey wanted the proposal to be private so he was devising a plan for how to propose in their cabin. He had coordinated with the staff to sneak into their cabin at 7:00pm that evening when they’d be out and to bring flowers, candles, champagne and a gift which he had left with them earlier. He needed to get Sofia out of the cabin for an hour so he suggested that they go for a walk or grab a drink in the pub, but she said that she was tired and just wanted to relax before dinner. Panic! After a mild heart attack and some serious pleading, he convinced her to go to the pub to play Scrabble by the fire. After stalling over Scrabble for as long as he could, Casey suggested that they go back to the cabin to change before dinner.

When they returned to the cabin, she was very confused to see the fireplace and candles lit and a big present wrapped on the table. Casey yelled “Happy birthday!” and told her that she could open the present. Inside was a large advent calendar from a department store in London which Sofia had asked for. As the date happened to be December 1st, Casey told her that she could open the first door on the calendar. Behind the door was a box wrapped in a bow, and inside the box was the ring. Casey took the box from her saying “I think this one is actually for me”, and got down on one knee to propose. After a few screams from both sides, Sofia said yes!


Sofia thought that if Casey was planning to propose it would likely be next year, so she was caught off guard. She has always been a huge fan of a cushion cut, so she absolutely loves her ring!

They have just begun planning but are going to be getting married in the Summer of 2020 and are looking at Spain, Portugal and Italy. Congratulations you two!